Secret Spot

IMG_9154I know there isn’t much point in having a secret spot of you don’t keep it secret – but the location is secret even if the pictures aren’t.  Over the last 14 years AZ West has transformed from functioning as something of a monastic retreat  to  a bourgeoning community.  It’s an amazing place to work, and to meet an incredible group of people who are constantly passing through – but for someone with slightly anti-social tendencies, such a public life can at times be a bit rough.


IMG_9167Hence the secret spot which will hopefully set things in balance.  Eventually I’ll get to spend time here in isolation, but like all big life improvement projects, it’s going to take a while to get there.  Elgin helped me haul everything out of the cabin this week – getting ready for a big cleaning, a new roof and bigger windows to let in more of the view.  We are keeping as much as the original siding as possible (interior and exterior) and I’m going to try to not drive myself crazy obsessing about making every single thing that goes in the space.  (I always say this – and always end up getting carried away anyway)


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  1. Shsh we won’t tell. Congrats. Your pay it forward through art is working. Thank you!


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